The Epic Cheat Sheet To Self-Employment Deductions


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How can I reduce my self-employment tax?

Self-employment tax of 15.3% is generally owed on any self-employment income. Self-employed taxpayers can reduce the amount of SE taxes they pay by taking allowable deductions to reduce business net income. They can also use retirement plan and health savings account contributions to reduce income subject to SE tax.

So whether you’re buying a book like How to Make it in the New Music Industry, taking a course on how to license your music, or subscribing to a music magazine, these are all valid educational expenses. Despite everything you may hear about the death of the music industry, there’s still a huge need to pay taxes for musicians. Most people with day jobs receive a W2 tax form from their employers, and their taxes are pretty straight forward. But working musicians like us also get our income reported through a Form 1099.

Travel Expense:

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  • Once your Solo 401k plan exceeds $250,000 in plan assets, you have to file Form 5500 annually with the IRS.
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Speaking of financing, you must also know about certain traps that can occur when it comes to investing in The Epic Cheat Sheet To Deductions For Self estate using your IRA. I would caution you, however, against putting all of your Roth IRA and your 401 monies into a self‑directed IRA for real estate investments because, for starters, you wouldn’t be getting enough diversification. So it is possible to take your 401 or ROTH funds and to put them into a self‑directed IRA and make a variety of real estate investments.

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What I wanted to accomplish was to have real estate investments along with a brokerage account. If your marginal tax rate is 25%, then every dollar you put into your Solo 401k shields 25 cents in taxes. That’s 25 cents more PROFIT….for doing something that’s good for you anyway, i.e., saving for your own retirement. Solo 401k plans, however, only have ONE participant or, at most, an additional spouse.

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